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A Former Prosecutor Committed To Defending Your Rights

At The Law Office of Justin Kerr, attorney Justin Kerr focuses 100% of his practice on criminal defense. He’s committed to helping people overcome frightening legal troubles that can have a lasting impact on their lives.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Kerr knows how the other side approaches criminal cases. His experience on both sides of the courtroom gives him the ability to build stronger – and smarter – defense strategies for his clients.

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An Advocate You Can Rely On When Facing Criminal Charges

Attorney Kerr understands the stressful toll criminal proceedings can take, especially when so much hangs in the balance. He can help you fight back against criminal charges, such as assault, domestic violence, drunk driving (DUI/OVI), or drug crimes.

When you work with him, you can expect respectful, compassionate representation. He will address your concerns with care while aggressively defending your rights.

Attorney Kerr Will Work Hard For You

You deserve a criminal defense lawyer who will take your case seriously, going the extra mile to protect your rights and explore every avenue for challenging the charges. You can count on attorney Kerr to put in the hard work it takes to stand up against serious charges.

Call The Law Office of Justin Kerr at 440-565-0678 to set up a free initial consultation. You can also reach out online. Defense attorney Justin Kerr handles criminal cases throughout Northeast Ohio and North Central Ohio.