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Drug Charges In Northeast Ohio

Criminal offenses involving drugs are among the most common in Ohio courts. They’re also among the most harshly penalized. Drug charges range from minor misdemeanor marijuana possession to first degree felony drug trafficking. Regardless of the charge, it makes sense to retain experienced legal counsel to avoid conviction on the offense charged and/or a harsh penalty.
A conviction for an Ohio drug offense can result in many long-term consequences for your life. Among the consequences you may experience as a result of drug conviction are the following:

–  Jail or even a lengthy prison sentence
–  Expensive fines and court costs
–  Loss of employment and difficulty finding a new job
–  Difficulty finding a place to live due to your criminal record
–  Suspension of your driver’s license
–  Loss of child custody
–  Loss of a professional license
–  A permanent criminal record

While the consequences of being convicted of a drug offense are harsh, Ohio law also recognizes that some drug offenses may be better handled through substance abuse treatment or probation when the offense was the result of an addiction. Attorney Kerr will make sure the prosecutor and the judge understand your unique circumstances if that is the approach that is warranted by the facts of your case. Or it could be that a more adversarial approach is appropriate, possibly involving a motion to suppress and or taking the case to trial if that is our best course of action.

Skilled Criminal Defense

When you are facing drug charges, having the help of a skilled lawyer may be the difference between serving a prison term, getting probation or substance abuse treatment, or walking free. Attorney Justin Kerr can evaluate your individual circumstances, review all of the evidence and arguments in the prosecution’s case, and advise you of the best legal strategies and course of action in defending your charge.